Replacement 30 Piece Screw Set iPhone 3G/ 3GS – OEM

Designed for the iPhone 3G and 3GS, this quality OEM part provides the full set of replacement screws. With 30 pieces included, this kit includes every replacement screw needed including the two screws on the bottom.

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Part: iPhone 3G & 3GS full 30 piece screw kit

Manufacturer: OEM

Condition: Factory new


Apple iPhone 3G

Apple iPhone 3GS

Package: Apple iPhone 3G and 3GS replacement screws, full kit including bottom 2 screws

Parts Origin – OEM

The term OEM stands for ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer’, the exact meaning differs in several industries.

To us, OEM means that the part is the same part used within your device, using the same materials and specifications.

We use the term OEM to cover many parts from refurbished, used and new components, the exact condition will be stated in the items description.

In some cases when the part supplied is made up to several components (for example an LCD assembly) the part may have been assembled by a 3rd party vendor using OEM parts meaning that consumable may differ (such as adhesive used)

Although strict testing procedures are put in place to ensure the quality of the part these testing practices and procedures may differ from the checks manufacturers use.

As in many cases we dont obtain directly from the devices manufacturer, nor in some cases are we affiliated with device manufacturer in any way and they are not involved in the testing or sales process of the component we sell.


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